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midi controller keyboards were a minority interest a few years ago, but as more studio duties have been taken on by computers, the popularity of controllers has soared. korg's microkontrol has the same footprint as their microkorg synth and combines a threeoctave midi keyboard with eight rotary encoders, each with an  midi controler microkontrol korg. clavier maître midi touches korg microkontrol: photos, discussions dans les forums, avis et news.

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the microkey is korg's slim, lightweight, usbpowered controller that makes it easy for anyone to connect and create with music software. click to learn all models feature the acclaimed velocitysensitive natural touch minikeyboard found on instruments such as the microkorg xl and microarranger. in addition to  microkey air. bluetooth midi keyboard · microkey. compact midi keyboard · nanokey studio. mobile midi keyboard · nanokontrol studio. mobile midi controller · plugkey. mobile midi/audio · nanokey. slimline usb keyboard. nanopad. slimline usb controller  with keys and timeless sounds the legendary microkorg synthesizer/vocoder is perfect for any musician looking for a powerful yet affordable synthesizer. find out why musicians all over the world have made microkorg the # selling compact synth years running! click to learn more.

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as music production becomes more software oriented, there's an increasing need for hardware controllers to provide physical access to the functions normally found on keyboards, mixer and effects units. limited space is a key issue for everyone using a desktop or portable computer for audio, so a compact  fantastic! wonderful product that has over a thousand capabilities. super easy to use with programs like max/msp and pro tools. this thing is also built like a tank, so unlike the nano kontrol, this thing won''t feel like its going to break whenever you use it. by gratefultonyfeb , . nice metal!? acceptable keyboard the keys aren't as nice as the mini keys on the new korg microseries keys, and the pads aren't that responsive. with all of that considered, this is a decent midi controller with a full range of controls. having keys that you can take with you instead of is very nice. i would suggest the korg microkey, however the  get the guaranteed best price on midi keyboard controllers like the korg microkontrol midi studio controller at musician's friend. get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items.

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